Deluxe Polyethylene Bike Locker


Our Deluxe Polyethylene Bike Lockers are engineered with high-strength molded poly-resin composites.

Extremely durable, these lockers are compression molded with modern structural-grade composite materials which are non-corrosive, rust free, impact resistant, and with a graffiti/UV resistant polyurethane enamel paint finish.

It is a virtually indestructible product whose life span is measured in decades, not years.

Our lockers are available in a vast choice of models and can be customized according to several options, including:

  • the number of doors;

  • the colours;

  • the type of lock (mechanical or electronic);

  • standalone or bank;

  • single-tier ou double-tier;

  • hooks;

  • display panel;

  • power station;

  • door or side-view;

  • etc.

Please call us so that we can propose you a layout that meets your needs and budget.

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