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Electric Bike Pump
Electric Bike Pump
Electric Bike Pump
Electric Bike Pump



H / 305 mm

W / 410 mm

D / 230 mm

With stand

H / 1150 mm

W / 410 mm

D / 230 mm


Electric Bike Pump


Our Cyclohalt Electric Bike Pump is an air compressor sized appropriately for bicycle tires, offering a great facility for cyclists on the go. This product is operated by a touch button and features a built-in high-security gauge which ensures correct inflation tire pressure.


The Electric Public Bike Pump is a perfect match for the Standard or Deluxe Bike Repair Station giving cyclists a complete working repair kit. It is suitable for any business or organization.

  • Internal compressor supplies air when activated by button

  • Quiet operation (<40dB)

  • Wall mounted, or optional pedestal for flexible installation

  • Worldwide power options (available in 120/240V 50/60Hz)

  • Dual pump head works on Schrader and Presta valves

  • Choice of two hose lengths with air chuck mounting clip

  • Includes spare pump head

  • Temperature range: -30° to 110° F / -34° to 43°C

  • 2-year warranty

  • Material :

  • Box: Powder coated steel

  • Hose: rubber exterior, braided steel core

  • Gauge cover: polycarbonate

  • Pump head: Presta/Schrader, solid plastic and metal lever

  • Maximum pressure 100 psi / 7 bar

  • Electrical circuit:

  • Voltage 110V

  • Maximum current 15 amps

  • Choice of two hose lengths (89 or 213 cm) – with air chuck mounting clip for long hose

  • Offered in powder coated finish (choice among the following colours):

  • Stand in option

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