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The Unsuspected Benefits of Cycling

Cycling reconnects us with nature, with humanity, with our know-how and our body. The bike makes us happy and keeps us healthy, but that's not all ...

Here are several reasons to favor cycling for everyday trips:

1) Cycling is a fast mode of transportation in urban areas. It avoids traffic jams that can be met by car or public transport. In addition, the cyclist easily finds a parking space.

2) Biking is cheap: no need to refuel, no taxes or insurance, little maintenance or repair, no expensive parking, no subway subscription ...

3) Cycling is good for your health. Obviously, riding a bike allows you to do sports while on the move, making you stronger to fight against cardiovascular accidents and obesity for example. It also allows our knees and other joints to rest, because they do not have to support the weight of the body. This practice allows you to develop or maintain your blood, respiratory and muscle circulation. Cyclists increase their life expectancy in good health. This practice also reduces the stress that a person may experience in traffic jams or while waiting for the subway or bus.

4) Biking give you autonomy. It allows you to be free at any time, whether in your travels or even to stop and chat with an acquaintance.

5) Cycling is also good for the environment. It emits no emissions of greenhouse gases, microparticles or toxic fumes, and no noise nuisance either. The cycling practice soothes the city and thus improves the quality of life of all.

6) Cycling is also a significant gaining in space in urban areas. A parking space for the car is 10 bikes, which can free up a lot of space in the city. Bringing out bulky vehicles from the latter becomes an increasingly important issue because the car does not share its space, which is not the case for cycling.

7) Cycling can also be good for the local economy. Cyclists and pedestrians energize local businesses because they shop in their neighborhood and stop more easily and more often.

8) Encouraging biking transit can be the ideal complement to public transport. Some trips are sometimes too long to be done by bike, but good cycling infrastructure increases the number of public transit users because they allow you to reach a train station, train or bus station faster than by car.

9) Finally, cycling rhymes with discovery. It is much easier to vary its course and thus allowing the cyclist to discover or rediscover his neighborhood and its inhabitants. It has easy access to heritage sites, monuments, parks, cultural and sporting events.

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