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Cyclists Contribute More to the Urban Economy than Motorists

A first compilation of studies shows that people who travel by bike or on foot are great levers for local economies.

Many studies over the last few decades have confirmed the health and well-being benefits of cycling. For example, we can reaffirm here the significant impact that a worker's mode of transport has on their productivity. In fact, cyclists declare to be more productive thanks to their bike ride to work.

In recent years, organizations such as Transport for London (TFL) have compiled a variety of research, studies and experiments on the beneficial effects of cycling from an unfamiliar angle: the economy of their city. This public authority in charge of organizing transport in the British capital aims to convince decision-makers and planning technicians of the benefits of cycling.

Let's start with the personal economy of the residents, where swapping to cycling for just a few trips a week can help families save huge sums at the end of the year. According to Trajectoire Québec and the David Suzuki Foundation, for a family of two adults and two children, the real and complete cost of using a car is $20,000 a year. For a cyclist, the cost of a quality bike with a lock and lights is estimated at $425 for each user. The difference here is staggering. Longer trips can also be filled with car-sharing services, reducing therefore the cost per use.

1m² of bike parking brings in five times more revenue than 1m² of car parking

It is with the impacts of cycling on the local economy that this aggregate of studies teaches us new facts. Investments in cycling and pedestrian infrastructure can increase retail purchases by 30%.

Yes, cyclists spend less per visit in most establishments, but they make much more frequent trips and end up spending more in a month than a motorist. Of course, this is completely logical. It is much more likely, for example, that a cyclist will be tempted by a slice of pizza, since the smell emanating from the restaurant will reach them more easily than a motorist traveling at 50km/h.

Total estimate of consumer spending per month

Total estimate of consumer spending per month

For business and agency employers, taking care of employees who choose to walk or cycle to work greatly increases the chances of attracting and retaining the necessary human resources for their team.

This new data is in addition to previous studies that encourage increased investment for cyclists and walkers. Greater openness to these consumers is of interest from both an economic and environmental point of view.

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