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Spécialistes en aménagements cyclistes

Discover our new indoor facility for hassle-free bike parking and repairs

Halt Equipment recently installed a new bike parking and repair station. We are proud to contribute to the promotion of alternative modes of transportation and to support sustainable development initiatives. We are excited to share the details of this installation with you and hope that it will inspire you to also support sustainable mobility.

This new bike parking allows cyclists to safely park their bikes and easily move around the city. We worked closely with the client to ensure that the parking met their specific needs and that the installation was done without disrupting daily activities. The installation of this new bike parking offers several benefits. First, it demonstrates their commitment to sustainable mobility and the environment. Additionally, it provides a convenient solution for employees and visitors who wish to bike around the city.

Finally, it helps to reduce transportation costs and promote a more active and healthy lifestyle. We are thrilled to have installed this new bike parking. It shows that businesses can play a key role in promoting alternative modes of transportation and sustainable mobility. We hope that this will inspire other businesses to follow this example and adopt more sustainable practices.


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