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Road separators for bicycles: A crucial advancement for cyclists safety

In urban areas, the growing use of bicycles as a mode of transportation necessitates suitable infrastructure to ensure the safety of cyclists. Road separators for bicycles play a vital role in this endeavor. These physical devices, such as specific markings, clearly delineate the space reserved for cyclists on the roads.

By providing a physical separation between cyclists and motorized vehicles, road separators offer additional protection to bike users, thereby reducing the risk of collisions. The installation of road separators for bicycles is a wise investment for municipalities as they contribute to improving road safety and enhancing citizens' quality of life.

In addition to ensuring safety, road separators for bicycles promote the coherence of the cycling network by creating clearly defined routes and connecting different sections. This allows cyclists to travel confidently and smoothly in urban areas.

Ultimately, we firmly believe that these measures contribute to enhancing the safety and visibility of cyclists on the roads while fostering a more bicycle-friendly environment. By installing these road separators, we actively encourage the use of bicycles as a preferred mode of transportation, providing cyclists with suitable and secure infrastructure.

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