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Zipper® Cycle Lane Modular System


Made of 100% recycled plastic and formed by two high-visibility pieces with reflective strips, our Zipper® Cycle Lane Modular System segregates traffic flows efficiently.


This product makes it possible to safely segregate the cycling traffic from car traffic and can be easily installed across busy cycle lanes in order to allow respectful sharing of the road and optimal security.

  • Made of 100% recycled plastic: recycled PVC, electrical cable sheating, hoses, synthetic textiles

  • Can be implemented quickly and economically

  • Competitive price because it does not require significant roadworks

  • Flexible system in case of town planning and mobility changes in the area where it is installed

  • Designed to provide high visibility, maximising safety on the roads where it is installed

Zipper System
Zipper System
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Zipper System
Zipper System