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Cycling Infrastructure


Sold in sections of 8 feet (2.44 m)


Per 8 feet:

  • 96’’ x 6.2’’ x 2.8’’ (L x W x H)

  • 48.75 lbs

Bike Ramp


Our Bike Ramp is a simple solution that enables cyclists to go up or down staircases without having to carry their bike.

  • Modular design works with any stair system (rise, run, and length).

  • Only one measurement is required to specify the design. No more expensive, time consuming custom runnel design, shop drawings, and on-site fabrication.

  • Ramp section designed to work with all types of bikes up to a 5” tire width.

  • Anti-rollout feature ramp shape requires only one hand to hold the bike while it rolls.

  • Grip tape at the base prevents slipping, bike ramp graphics ensure intuitive use.

  • The wheel ramp is made of thick wall aluminum, and the stainless steel mounting feet will not rust. 

  • Concrete anchors included; other mounting options available.

  • Sold in 8-foot sections.

  • Per 8 feet:

    • 96’’ x 6.2’’ x 2.8’’ (L x W x H)

    • 48.75 lbs