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Branded Stadium Rack
Branded Stadium Rack

Branded Stadium Rack


The branded stadium rack combines the intuitive ease of bike docks, with the benefit of reduced installation from a multi-space rack. Modular in nature, the branded stadium racks can be connected and expanded to fit the given installation area. The branded stadium racks meets APBP guidelines for u-lock compatibility, bike spacing and providing two points of support for the bike.

  • Inverted U-Style

  • Heavy duty, 2 3/8″ outer diameter 9 gauge schedule 40 pipe

  • No anchoring or assembly required, though anchoring holes are provided

  • Free standing, no anchoring or assembly required

Number of bikes

Varies from 6 bikes and up

  • 2 3/8″ round tube

  • 3″ x 1 1/2″ c-channel

  • Powder Coat

  • Galvanized

  • Thermoplastic

  • 24″ from wall or curb

  • 48″ recommended between racks


Can be freestanding or use recommended anchor:

  • Anchor 6″ Spike (Qty. 4) #6259 for concrete installation – Sold Separately 

  • Asphalt Anchor (Qty. 4) #6267 for asphalt installation – Sold Separately 

Models available

2126C: Branded Stadium Rack, 6 bikes, 2 3/8" round tube

2148: Branded Stadium Rack, 8 bikes, 2 3/8" round tube​

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