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Cyclehoop for Signposts (Lite)


The Cyclehoop Lite is a more cost effective version of the standard Cyclehoop which converts existing traffic signposts into secure cycle stands for 2 bicycles. Its innovative design allows cyclists to lock through the frame and wheels, prevents thieves from lifting locked bicycles over the top of signposts and stopping them from falling over.


The Cyclehoop is made from cast ductile SG iron and is fitted with a neoprene rubber lining to prevent scratching to the lamppost.  Traditional cycle stands require digging, concreting and sufficient pavement space. The Cyclehoop is easy to install and ideal for retrofitting to existing street furniture, making it great for locations where normal cycle stands cannot be installed and where pavement space is limited.


H / 400 mm

W / 421 mm

  • Fits 60, 76mm and 89mm diameter signposts

  • Ductile SG Iron casting

  • Neoprene rubber internal lining

  • Security fixings provided

  • Supplied with stainless steel shear nuts

  • Powder coating to custom colours available

  • Reduces the risk of theft

  • Easy to install

  • Ideal for where pavement space is limited

  • Compact design

  • Prevents thieves lifting locked bicycles over the top of signposts

  • Prevents bicycles from falling over

  • Vinyl locking advice stickers

  • Design protected by the European Community Design Registration – Reg. No. 002427674-0001