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Dura Lock DL1
Dura Lock DL1
Dura Lock DLP
Dura Lock DLPV
Interior Hook
Dura Lock DLSP


DL1: 39" x 75" (99 mm x 190 mm)

DL2: 39" x 75" (99 mm x 190 mm)

DLP: 39" x 75" (99 mm x 190 mm)

DLSP: 30" x 75" (76 mm x 190 mm)

DLPV: 30" x 50" (76 mm x 127 mm)

DLR: 43" x 84" (109 mm x 213 mm)

Deluxe Metal Bike Lockers


Our Deluxe Metal Bike Lockers offer superior protection against theft and the elements. Thanks to their robustness and their solid fabrication, these products are perfectly suited to residential, commercial and public use. These are bike lockers of very high quality.

You can park 1 (DL1) or 2 (DL2) bicycles per rack depending on the model.

The basic rack is made of galvanized steel, but a stainless steel option is available for greater durability.

Lockers can be organized in a variety of ways depending on your needs, preferences and available space.

There are several customization options available for product color, door trim or top panel, and custom vinyl stickers for logos.

  • Standard lock or T-handle lock.

  • A U-Lock box can  be installed for added security.

  • Door locked with a 3-point stainless steel closure system. This system covers the full length of the door.

  • An interior hook (optional) allows you to hang accessories such as a helmet, a backpack or other accessories.

  • Can be stacked

bike metal locker
bike metal locker
bike metal locker
Options available
Models available
bike metal locker colors
  • Custom branding

  • Offered in galvanized steel or stainless steel

  • Choice of standard colours without additional fee

  • Custom colour on demand

DL1: Dura Lock for 1 bike

DL2: Dura Lock for 2 bikes

DLP: Dura Lock for 1 bike, pie shaped

DLSP: Dura Lock of smaller format, for 1 bike

DLPV: Dura Lock for 1 bike, vertical

DLR: Dura Lock for 1 bike Recumbent

bike metal locker
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