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Full Size Vending Machine


Our Full Size Vending Machine is ideal for selling spare parts and accessories to accompany you on your bike trips.


This extremely robust and safe vandal-resistant product is ideal for busy areas where cyclists travel, meeting efficiently their current needs.


Their product can be paired with other of our equipment such as our Standard Bike Repair Station or Indoor/Outdoor Pump.



H / 1830 mm

W / 990 mm

D / 890 mm

  • Specially designed to vend emergency bicycle repair parts and accessories

  • Remote auditing via cellular network allows you to remotely monitor sales and inventory data

  • Includes a planogram of suggested stocking items

  • Maintenance is extremely minimal and affordable since machines use common vending technology

  • Well suited for indoor and outdoor applications, and have high security measures built-in

  • Includes refrigerating unit

  • Heavy duty product with thick reinforced steel panels, a triple layer of glass covered by a durable polyurethane layer and a double locking mechanism for the front door

  • Maximum capacity of 48 products by storey (6 storeys) for a total of 288 products

  • Can be customized to accept bills, coins, credit cards, university payment cards, and various types of gift cards

  • Temperature range:

    • Without optional heater: -6.7 to 43°C

    • With optional heater: -23.3 to 43°C

  • Construction:

    • Cabinet: heavy gauge steel

    • Front glass: double pane

    • Outer window: polycarbonate

  • Electrical circuit requirements

    • Voltage 110V

    • Max. Current 15 amps

  • Finish in red or black enamel

  • Custom branding (sticker) available for additional fee