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Wall Mounted Vending Machine
Wall Mounted Vending Machine
Wall Mounted Vending Machine
Wall Mounted Vending Machine


H / 1040 mm

W / 820 mm

D / 330 mm

Wall Mounted Vending Machine


Our Wall Mounted Vending Machine is ideal for selling spare parts and accessories to accompany you on your bike trips.


This extremely robust and safe vandal-resistant product is ideal for busy areas where cyclists travel, meeting efficiently their current needs.


Their product can be paired with other of our equipment such as our Standard Bike Repair Station or Indoor/Outdoor Pump.

  • Designed specifically for selling bike spare parts and accessories

  • Connected to an on-line sales and inventory management system

  • Includes a planogram of suggested items to offer in the vending machine

  • Extremely minimal and affordable maintenance due to the use of common technologies for vending machines

  • Can be installed indoor or outdoor

  • Able to vend up to 15 different products

  • Easy to fill and wide display

  • Sensor that guarantees the delivery of product or its refund

  • Extremely robust equipment with bar locking system

  • Can be customized to accept bills, coins, credit cards, university payment cards and various types of gift cards

  • ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) and CE compliant

  • Temperature range: -30 à 110°F / -34 à 43°C

  • Construction:

    • Cabinet: heavy gauge steel enclosure

    • Product window: polycarbonate

  • Weight 68 kg

  • Power options

    • 120V (North America)

    • 240 V (Worldwide)

  • Offered in galvanised steel, stainless steel or powder coated (choice among the following colours):

  • Custom branding (sticker) or colour available for additional fee

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