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Grid Rack
Grid Rack
Grid Rack

Grid Rack


The grid rack is a great option for short term bike storage, and easily accommodates smaller bikes in school settings. The grid racks provide options to meet user requirements and budget variation.

  • Easy to move for maintenance

  • Free standing for flexibility in space required

  • Comes in single and double sided units to park bikes on one or both sides

Number of bikes

5, 9, 10 and 18 bikes per rack

  • 6200- Complete Welded Frame

  • 6400- Riveted Main Frame

  • 6200 Series – Electroplated with UltraSeal

  • 6400 Series – G90 pre-galvanized


What is the difference between Pre-galvanized Steel (6400 series) and UltraSeal (6200 series) grid racks?


While the design and dimensions are exactly the same, the key differences are in the manufacturing and finishing. Our 6200 series is completed welded and then electroplated with an UltraSeal finish. This adds superior durability for those who want an all-season rack. For those that have tighter budgets, the 6400 series is riveted with a G90 pre-galvanized finish for a more short-term storage option.


Can be freestanding or use recommended anchor:

  • Anchor 6″ Spike (Qty. 4) #6259 for concrete installation – Sold Separately 

  • Earth Installation Anchor Kit #6258 (Qty 1) – Sold Separately

  • Cement Installation Anchor Kit #6257 (Qty 1) – Sold Separately

Models available and additional information
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