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High Density Cycle Rack


The High Density Cycle Rack is a practical cycle parking solution providing robust, versatile parking for multiple bikes. This product is made from galvanised steel and features a frame rest that protects the front wheel from buckling and an integrated steel eye loop optimising anti-theft protection.


The High Density Cycle Rack is suitable for bikes with tire widths of up to 55mm and is available in multiple modules making it ideal for installing in public places such as train stations, large offices and universities.

  • Hi-Low space-efficient design

  • Single sided or double sides arrangements available

  • Suitable for bikes with tyre widths up to 55mm (2.2mm)

  • Galvanised steel

  • Modular design allows for easy expansion

  • Multiple parking modules can be connected and anchored to the ground


Height / 845 mm

Modular Length / 700 mm

Rack spacings / 370 mm