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Solarposter Case
Solarposter Case
Solarposter Case
Solarposter Case

Solarposter Case


Our Solarposter Case is fully solar-powered and is ideal for illuminating large posters in an autonomous way.

With a sleek, modern look, this intelligent and innovative piece of equipment delivers high intensity LED omnidirectional lighting with 360° visibility during hours of darkness all year round.

All panels are made of aluminum for added durability.

Developed in the UK, this equipment has been designed to operate under the prevailing climate and light conditions in Western Europe, and is therefore perfectly suited to the Canadian environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How many watts does the Solarposter Case generate?


In bright sunlight it generates approx. 10.3W. On an overcast day it generates approx. 1.25W.


2) What is the PV collection area of the Solarposter Case?


The Solarposter Case has a PV collection area of 331,200 mm2. Although the poster case has a collection area 4 times the post, it only generates 2.5 times as much power, due to self-shading.

3) What are the lx levels of the dim and brighter light on the Solarposter Case?

Dim light 16 lx brighter light 480 lx.

4) Can the Solarposter Case be programmed to come on any time?

There is no real-time clock. Software can be developed if necessary to provide on/off times at set times after/before dawn and dusk.

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