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Solarpost Street Light


Our Solarpost solar powered street light is perfect for lighting cycling paths, trails, parks, parking spaces, lots, campuses, marinas, driveways, terraces and gardens. Having a sleek, modern look, this innovative and smart product provides continuous low-level illumination during dark hours and automatically increases intensity when a person approaches by using long-range sensors.This product does not have the retro look of an existing street light to which a solar panel has simply been added.

General Specifications
  • 3 or 4 m options available

  • Two high performance LEDs each delivering 180 lm/W and with a 71˚ beam

  • Operates with two levels of illumination; a lower level when no-one is in the vicinity and a higher illumination level as soon as the unit’s passive IR sensors automatically detect the approach of a pedestrian, cyclist or car

  • 14 days of autonomy (with no sunlight)

  • 20 days of autonomy in transport mode

  • 2 year guarantee and have an expected life in excess of 10 years