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Stretch Rack


The stretch rack provides the most dense bike parking solution. The two tier design minimizes footprint, and the space saving vertical stagger further maximizes bike density. Available in locking and non-locking options, the stretch rack is a versatile, modular indoor solution for long term parking needs.

  • Modular construction allows for easy expansion, side by side or back to back

  • Staggered bike position saves space and eases clearance between bikes

  • Can be combined with vertical racks for full bike room layout

  • Does not require anchoring (to wall or floor)

Number of bikes

6, 8 or 10 bikes


Powder coat black only

  • Units can be combined in a row

  • Can be freestanding or mounted into wall


Anchoring not required



8 ft ceiling clearance required

Models available

8010: Stretch Rack, 10 bikes, without locking bar

8016: Stretch Rack, 6 bikes, without locking bar

8018: Stretch Rack, 8 bikes, without locking bar 

8020: Add-On for 2 bikes for Stretch Rack, without locking bar, compatible with models 8016, 8116, 8080, 8180

8080: Stretch Rack, 8 bikes, without locking bar 

8110: Stretch Rack, 10 bikes, with locking bar

8116: Stretch Rack, 6 bikes, with locking bar

8118: Stretch Rack, 8 bikes, with locking bar, 13.5" spacing between bikes

8180: Stretch Rack, 8 bikes, with locking bar, 18" spacing between bikes