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Tough Love Cycle Stand

Tough Love Cycle Stand


The unique design of the Tough Love Bike Stand is a popular alternative for safe and secure cycle parking. This novel bike stand consists of of thick steel or galvanised steel bent into the shape of a love heart and provides cycle parking for 2 bikes. This allows you to lock the frame, front and rear wheel of your bicycle, safeguarding it against theft.

  • Material options: galvanised steel, black nylon or stainless steel finish

  • Fixing styles: Submerged or Bolt down flange

  • Weight: Galvanised 9.5 kg / Stainless Steel 6.5 kg


Height / 800 mm

Width / 730 mm

Diameter / Galvanised 48.3 x 3 mm / Stainless Steel 50 x 2 mm

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