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Vectorial Bus Platform
Vectorial Bus Platform
Vectorial Bus Platform
Vectorial Bus Platform

Vectorial® Bus Platform


Our Vectorial® Bus Platform is ideal to improve accessibility and mobility for bus users in a short time without important roadworks. In areas frequented by cyclists, the installation of a Vectorial® Bus Platform also allows for better cohabitation with other road users.


Our platform is made of interconnecting modules made of recycled plastic and recyclable plastic that combine and fit together like a puzzle.

  • Made of 100% recycled plastic (recycled PVC, electrical cable sheating, hoses and synthetic textiles)

  • Easy to assemble and disassemble: no need for cranes or specialised equipment due to the low weight of modules

  • High mechanical resistance against impact and heavy loads: due to the shock absorbing structure as well as solid three point anchor system

  • Modular: option to assemble multiple configurations with a variety of lengths and widths

  • High resistance to weathering: due to the material used

  • 1st year of production 2009

  • Made in EU

  • Awards: 2011 Design for Recycling

  • Certification DGQA and Design for all, Good practice

  • CO2 saving compared to virgin material: 124 kg CO2 eq / m2

  • Carbon footprint: 104.41 kg CO2 eq / unit


Vectorial Bus Platform
Types of parts
Vectorial Bus Platform
Testing and slip resistance
Vectorial Bus Platform
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