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Vertical Rack


When floor space is at a premium, and you want to maximize the bike density of an area, the vertical rack is a perfect solution using the wall space to efficiently park bikes. The vertical system can be mounted into the floor, is available in single or doubled sided configurations, and can be modular to create larger scale bike parking.

  • Small footprint and high density design with staggered design to minimize handlebar interference

  • Locking and non-locking versions available

  • Available single and double sided and can be modular to create larger scale parking areas

  • Expandable with one bike add-on (6003T or 6006)

  • Compatible with our Fat Tire Bike Trac


Number of bikes

3, 4, 6 or 8 bikes


Powder coat black only


If additional bike tray added, bike spacing shrinks to 15″

  • Floor mounted

  • Recommended anchor: Anchor Lag Bolts and Shield (Qty 4) #6264


84″ minimum ceiling height

Models available
  • 8023: Vertical Rack, 3 bikes, without locking bar 

  • 8024: Vertical Rack, 4 bikes, without locking bar

  • 8043: Vertical Rack, 3 bikes, with locking bar

  • 8044: Vertical Rack, 4 bikes, with locking bar

  • 8033: Vertical Rack, 6 bikes, without locking bar

  • 8034: Vertical Rack, 8 bikes, without locking bar

  • 8063: Vertical Rack, 6 bikes, with locking bar

  • 8064: Vertical Rack, 8 bikes, with locking bar