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X-Type Bike Rack


The X-Type Bike Rack is a space efficient and easy to use cycle parking solution allowing users to store their bikes semi-vertically and side by side. This product is made from galvanised steel is and features a specially designed trough for wheels, as well as an optional locking loop for extra security.


The X-Type Bike Rack is available in different lengths to store any number of bikes. Its specially designed trough makes it suitable to store all types of bicycles, including mountain bikes and bicycles with extra wide tyres. This product can be used both indoors and outside.

  • Manufactured from galvanised mild steel

  • Secured to the ground with bolts

  • Suitable to store all types of bikes – from racing cycles to mountain bikes and cycles with extra wide tyres

  • Bikes are stored semi-vertically with both front and rear wheels located in a specially designed trough.

  • Optional welded locking loop for extra security

  • Close spacing of 400mm (15.8 inches) ensures maximum use of space

  • Available in different lengths to store any number of cycles

  • Made in Britain


Lengths: various

Width / 1760 mm

Rack spacings / 400 mm