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Bike Shelter
Bike Shelter
Bike Shelter
Bike Shelter
Bike Enclosure
Bike Enclosure

Bike Shelters and Enclosures


Our bike shelters and enclosures are all fabricated in Quebec by a partner renowned in the manufacturing of all kinds of commercial, industrial and residential shelters and enclosures.

We take a turnkey approach and manage your project from start to finish, from design to installation, according to your needs in terms of capacity and your most demanding requirements.

Come to us for your bike parking project.

  • Extensive choice of shelter styles: our shelters are modular and available in a wide range of styles that blend in perfectly with your environment, without compromise on the exceptional quality of our products.

  • Large choice of colours: with over 200 colors available, our shelters fit perfectly with your outdoor decor elements.

  • High quality roofs: our weatherproof roofs are available in a variety of choices, from commercial-grade polycarbonate to Canadian-made sheet metal, providing comfort and durability.

  • Safe closures: we offer six wall closure systems each with several colour options, allowing us to tailor your bike enclosures to your needs and preferences.

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