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Bike Trac
Bike Trac
Bike Trac

Bike Trac


The Bike Trac provides full bike coverage to protect the walls, while also providing freedom for capacity and mounting configuration. Available in locking and non-locking options.

  • Wide wheel track accepts all bikes

  • Full length tray keeps bike in place and protects wall surface

  • Two locking mechanism options available: bar or cable

Number of bikes

1 bike per Trac


Powder coat black only

  • At 18″ Spacing, stagger Tracs 10″

  • At 21″ Spacing, Tracs can be installed at the same height


Correct hardware will depend on the surface the rack is being installed into. Please consult your local hardware store for anchor recommendations based on your specific installation.


80″ minimum ceiling height

Models available
  • 6003T: Bike Trac

  • 6006: Bike Trac with Locking Bar

  • 6003C: Bike Trac with Locking Cable

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