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Car Bike Port
Car Bike Port
Car Bike Port
Car Bike Port
Car Bike Port
Car Bike Port
Car Bike Port
Car Bike Port


L / 4100 mm

H / 1375 mm

D / 1320 mm

Car Bike Port


1 car space = 10 bicycles


Did you know that one car parking space can provide cycle parking for 10 bicycles?


The Car Bike Port is an innovative bike parking solution that fits into a standard car parking space. Its eye catching design sends out a clear message that bicycles are more space efficient than cars. This innovative product has an aluminum body with mild steel racks and is anchored to the ground with bolts for extra security. Its flat pack construction is easy to assemble and simple to transport making it an ideal solution for temporary cycle parking at events. The Car Bike Port is also an ideal solution for temporary bike parking at events. Contact us for rental.

  • Weight: 120 kg

  • Mild steel racks and aluminium body

  • Flat pack design, simple to transport and for setting up at events

  • Anchored into the ground with bolts

  • Available in Green (RAL 6018) and Pink (RAL 4010) as standard colours

  • Custom branding and colours available

  • Made in Britain

  • Design protected by the European Community Design Registration – Reg. No. 002261859-0001

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