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City Rack
City Rack
City Rack

City Rack


The City Rack provides higher density outdoor bike parking for a more organized, and space efficient approach to bike parking. The rack offers superior security due to full square tube construction and one piece square tube main frame. The City Rack coordinates with our Post & Ring racks to create options for a cohesive look and feel of the streetscape

  • Single and double-sided options available

  • High security, full square tube construction

  • Easy on maintenance and sweeping

  • Two points of contact between bike frame and wheel

  • Modern look

  • Coordinates with Post & Ring Rack

  • Free standing and below grade options available.

Number of bikes

3-11 bikes per rack

  • 2”, 7 gauge square tube main frame

  • 1.5” x 1”, 11 gauge square tube hangers

  • Powder Coat

  • Galvanized

  • 48″ recommended aisle ways


Can be freestanding or use recommended anchor:

  • Anchor 6″ Spike (Qty. 4) #6259 for concrete installation – Sold Separately 

  • Asphalt Anchor (Qty. 4) #6267 for asphalt installation – Sold Separately 

Models available and additional information
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