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Bike Repair Station
Bike Repair Station
Bike Repair Station
Bike Repair Station
Bike Repair Station
Bike Repair Station
Bike Repair Station
Bike Repair Station


Deluxe Bike Repair Station


Our Cyclohalt Deluxe Bike Repair Station is the most sophisticated product of its category and is an all-in-one, robust repair facility that can be installed in any location, providing cyclists with a free facility to make adjustments and repairs on the spot.


A large space also allows you to display your personalized branding.


This dynamic heavy duty product is made from formed and TIG welded steel and cast aluminum. The Deluxe Bike Repair Station features a range of eight tools securely attached by retractable stainless steel cables, as well the option of a pump and wheel holder. Available in a range of colours, its UV resistant powder coating assures its resilience to high levels of corrosion making it ideal for installation at any cycle parking facility in both urban, rural and seaside locations. It is a great accompaniment to our Indoor and Outdoor Pump.


The Deluxe Bike Repair Station is ideal for installing at indoor cycle parking facilities, or outdoors in high profile city centre locations.


The station is designed to be bolted into a concrete slab to provide stability and safety, and its reinforced construction allows it to withstand public use. The powder coating as well as the protective panel covering the front surface of the station allow it to withstand high levels of wear.


H / 1408 mm

W / 221,6 mm (excluding tools)

D / 530 mm

  • Stable universal bike mount

  • Equipped with eight essential tools for repairing your bike securely attached by stainless steel aircraft cables: ​

    • Phillips & standard screwdrivers

    • Steel core tire levers (2)

    • Headset/pedal wrench

    • 8/10mm cone wrench

    • 9/11mm cone wrench

    • Torx T-25

    • Hex key set

  • Tools securely attached by retractable braided stainless steel cables which avoid tangling

  • Long hose (if integrated pump) provides wide range of motion without touching the ground

  • ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act)-compliant design

  • Large surface area for custom branding/signage

  • Material: Formed and TIG welded steel, cast aluminum

  • UV resistant powder coating prevents corrosion

  • Impact and UV resistant front plate won’t show wear and tear from pedal strikes

  • Station can be used by two users concomitantly

  • 2-year warranty, the highest in the industry

  • Made in USA


  • Option of pairing with the Indoor or Outdoor Pump

  • Custom branding

  • Graphical design and printing service available

  • Maintenance service available

  • Optional Wheel Chock

  • Offered in galvanised steel, stainless steel or anti-graffiti powder coated:

    • Colours available: red or black, without additional fee

    • Other colours: on demand, with additional fee (except for purchase of 10 units or more)























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