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Wheel Chock
Wheel Chock
Wheel Chock
Wheel Chock


H / 650 mm

W / 150 mm (base)

D / 150 mm

Wheel Chock


Our Cyclohalt Wheel Chock is the ideal product to support your bike while inflating tires.

  • Supports bikes without kickstands while inflating tires

  • Tire friction stops roll-back, upright position eliminates trip hazard

  • Accommodates tires up to 2.75" and wheel diameters up to 29"

  • Cannot lock bikes to the Wheel Chock

  • ADA compliant

  • Material: laser cut steel

  • Surface mount or Deluxe Bike Repair Station mount

  • Offered in galvanised steel, stainless steel or anti-graffiti powder coated:

    • Colours available: red or black, without additional fee

    • Other colours: on demand, with additional fee (except for purchase of 10 units or more)























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