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Zebra Cycle Lane Separator


Our Zebra® Cycle Lane Separator is ideal for protecting cyclists from car traffic. Robust and innovative, this product is equipped with reflective strips that give it high visibility. Made of 100% recycled plastic, this rounded form product has been installed since 2008 in several countries around the world and has withstood the most extreme weather conditions. This product also complies with the EU’s highest safety standards, and has won numerous awards in its home country.


This product makes it possible to safely segregate the cycling traffic from car traffic and can be easily installed across busy cycle lanes in order to allow respectful sharing of the road and optimal security.

  • 100% recycled plastic (recycled PVC, electrical cable sheating, hoses, synthetic textiles)

  • Safe design intervening directly on vehicle wheels

  • Attractive design preserving beauty of the visual environment

  • High shock absorption due to flexibility of the material and absence of sharp edges

  • High mechanical strength due to structure and design of the material featuring a 3-point pavement anchor system

  • High visibility day and night due to retroreflective microspheres

  • High resistance to weathering due to the material used

  • Easy to install and remove from the ground

  • 1st year of production 2008

  • Made in UE

  • Awards:

    • Premio 2009 Diseño para el reciclaje

    • Best Recycled Product 2011 2nd place

    • Eco-label DGQA

  • CO2 saving compared to virgin material:

    • Zebra 13: 17 kg CO2 eq per unit

    • Zebra 9: 5.7 kg CO2 eq per unit

    • Zebra 5: 3.5 kg CO2 eq per unit

  • Carbon footprint: 0.51 kg CO2 eq per unit


It is recommended that the distance between each separator be 1.3 m. The maximum distance acceptable is 2.6 m. Spacing of over 2.6 m between the separators poses a great risk for both cyclists and other road users.

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