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Cyclohalt   |   Self-Service Equipment for Repair and Maintenance of Bicycles

Our Cyclohalt equipments include products that facilitate the self-service repair and maintenance of bicycles. Specialist in the manufacturing of support equipment for cyclists, Bike Fixation is undoubtedly the world leader in its industry. Recognized for the reliability, robustness and durability of their equipment, thousands of cities and businesses have acquired their products across the world.

Bike Repair Stations and Pumps

station réparation vélo borne bicyclette biciborne

Standard Bike Repair Station

station réparation vélo borne biciborne vélo bicyclette

Deluxe Bike Repair Station

boîte à outils réparation vélo borne bicyclette


pompe intérieure air vélo bicyclette borne réparation

Indoor Pump

pompe vélo air bicyclette extérieure borne réparation
pompe vélo extérieure bicyclette air réparation borne

Outdoor Pump

(with or without gauge)

pompe extérieure extra robuste vélo bicyclette

Heavy Duty Outdoor Pump

pompe air électrique vélo bicyclette réparation gonfler pneus

Electric Bike Pump

socle vélo bicyclette réparation borne

Wheel Chock

pompe air électrique vélo bicyclette réparation gonfler pneus

Air Control Panel

Bottle Fill and Bike Wash Stations

station lavage vélo bicyclette

Bike Wash Station

station remplissage bouteille eau vélo bicyclette

Bottle Fill Station

station lavage vélo remplissage bouteille eau réparation bicyclette borne

Wash and Fill Station

Vending Machines

mini distributrice murale

Mini Wall Mounted Vending Machine

machine distributrice murale vélo bicyclette réparation

Wall Mounted Vending Machine

machine distributrice plein format vélo bicyclette borne réparation

Full Size Vending Machine


panneau affichage vélo bicyclette borne réparation

Hoop Sign

panneau directionnel vélo air réparation borne bicyclette

Directional Signs

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